Audio Visual Maintenance

Even when a system is well thought out and planned meticulously, there is still an on-going requirement for system updates and maintenance.  Maintaining and servicing our own projects, as well as taking over existing problematic projects is a large proportion of our business.  Once you have made the initial investment, it is important to ensure the system is operating correctly with all of the equipment running the most up to date and reliable firmware to ensure you are benefitting from the latest features and capabilities.

Maintained By Modus

Our maintenance and home automation aftercare services continue long after a project has been completed so you can continue to enjoy your system to its full potential for years to come. We offer Planned Preventative & Reactive Maintenance contracts, carried out by our expert engineers with discretion and minimum disruption. Even if your system was installed elsewhere, we can maintain it and advise on any suitable alterations or upgrades that maybe required. Where available, we are also able to offer off-site support by remotely logging into your system.

Remote Monitoring

As part of the original installation, or even retrospectively, we are able to provide system monitoring devices that will constantly report any issues with your installed system back to us, notifying us of potential issues that we can react to, and in some cases even rectify before they become apparent to you.  We are able to dial in (with your permission) to the system, remotely diagnosing problems, and even rectify them too if we are able to.



Throughout the course of the year we will allow time to give your system a full health check. In some cases, this will include a simple and practical approach, for example; the cleaning of cooling fans or replacing expired batteries, in other cases it may be the updating of software and firmware on devices to improve reliability, increase security, or provide additional features that have recently been released.


We are not able to promise that your system will work seamlessly until the end of time, but what we can promise is that we will be here to assist in resolving any issues that may arise.  Initially this will be via remote support and diagnostics, but should the need arise, we will arrange for the next available engineer to visit your property to further investigate and rectify the problem.

System Upgrades & Re-programming

During the course of you living in your home, you may want to re-purpose a room or re-configure it. This may generate a requirement to re-program the system to alter lighting scenes, or update controls for a new TV. We can either accommodate this within a pre-planned visit, for or dedicate additional time depending on your needs and requirements.