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Pulse Cinemas have the most wide-ranging and high-performance demonstration facilities to be found anywhere in the industry. For partners and customers, these spaces are a fantastic way of experiencing how good cinema can be and as a way of starting journeys into building new dream cinemas

The Reference Cinema

The Reference Cinema takes a no compromise approach and shows the very top end of what can be achieved with the right technical knowhow, combined with Pulse ingredients from the very best brands in the business.

The Reference Cinema is the best home cinema demonstration space in the UK and what it can do will inspire everyone who visits.

This is a theatre of dreams, but those dreams are entirely achievable for any home given our multi-discipline approach which considers every conceivable option, from acoustics, design, lighting and the audio-visual aspect of the cinema.

Able to deliver all the latest immersive cinema formats such as Dolby Atmos, as well as eye-popping life like images, this cinema lives right on the cutting edge of performance.

The sound and images envelop the viewer and draw you further into the content than ever possible before.

This cinema also shows how stylish and comfortable a dedicated cinema can be. The specially designed seating is the best around, they are so luxurious, that once installed, you won’t want to sit anywhere else!

Whatever your flavour of content; music, sport, movies, immersive high-end gaming, or all four, this cinema shows you just how incredible those experiences can be.

The Apartment Cinema

Want a dedicated cinema, but think you don’t have the space? The Apartment Cinema will change your mind.

Designed to the same exacting standards as its bigger brother, the Reference Cinema, and also part of our demo facilities at Pulse HQ, this compact and cosy cinema shows what can be achieved in a smaller space.

That garage that is ignored or the spare room that’s just full of boxes and clutter, or that under used utility room, all can now realise their true purpose and be transformed into the cinema of your dreams.

In the Apartment Cinema, special attention is paid to the design of the space, making every inch work to its maximum potential. The arrangement of the seating, the placement of the equipment and tuning of the system, all combine to deliver the ultimate engagement and entertainment.

A great platform for enjoying music, film, and live sport, this size of room is also particularly good at delivering an awesome gaming experience.

Acting as a great family room, a den for the older members of the family or a space where teenagers can enjoy their content without disturbing the rest of the house, this room makes it easy to see how a good cinema can become the beating heart of the home.

People often ask, are home cinemas as good as the ‘real thing’, we say no, they are way better! This room underlines that a good home cinema outstrips the performance of the commercial sector every time.

What’s more, you don’t have to brave the traffic, crowds, rustling sweet packets or noisy seat neighbours to enjoy all the action.

With the fun turned up to ten in this room you won’t believe just how good a cinema this size can be until you experience it for yourself.

The Media Room

This stunning room was created with the help of many of the services that Pulse Cinemas offers, not just the supply of all the top-quality audio-visual systems, but the full design, interiors, bespoke cabinet making and technical knowhow that comes as standard when working with us.

This beautiful room surrounds all who enter it with comfort and style, with its cosy and evocative Moroccan theme. Long before the hidden AV systems come to life, the room looks and feels special, having gone through a whole series of design phases, mood boards and ideas to reach the final concept.

The design brief was to create a cinema experience that integrates perfectly with the fabric of the room, so transition from at rest mode to full-on AV experience feels completely natural.

As well as making a statement with the furnishings in this sumptuous living space, the audio-visual systems match the interior for precision and accessibility.

There are two cinemas hidden within the fabric of the room; one based around a high-quality large screen TV and a Pulse Cinemas speaker package, the second a full Dolby Atmos/DTS:X immersive audio and projector/screen system.

The TV system remains completely hidden behind the beautiful wall panelling until called upon. When needed the wall panels gracefully reveal the TV. The room’s integrated and hidden speakers back up the TV with perfectly balanced audio to match and enhance what is happening on screen.

This room’s other ability is to morph from a comfortable living room into a full-blown Dolby Atmos/DTS:X cinema, with performance that offers quite astounding levels for a price that will surprise.

Based around one of Pulse Cinemas specially created packages, the cinema offers all the advantages of a BenQ projector, Anthem processing, Paradigm CI Elite speakers, Screen Research screen, Kaleidescape movie server, (which can also be called upon for the TV system) and a full acoustic treatment package woven into the fabric of the room from Vicoustic.

Cinema experiences are meant to fit in with the life and home of the user; this space shows just how far that concept can be taken.


  • Sim2 Projection
  • Digital Projection
  • BenQ Projection
  • Prismasonic Projection Lenses & Motors
  • Screen Research Projector Screens
  • Paradigm Speakers
  • Anthem Amplification & Processing
  • Storm Audio Amplification & Processing
  • Fortress Cinema Seating
  • D-Box Technology
  • Lutron Lighting & Shade Control
  • Kaleidescape Movie Servers
  • Vicoustic Acoustic Treatment

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