Home Automation

Smart home automation

Modus Vivendi specialise in home automation installation, appreciating that you want to listen to music, watch television or create a lighting mood with the minimum amount of effort. We are able to bring together audio and video, security, heating and cooling, lighting and shade control into one smart home system, removing the need for multiple individual remote controls, replacing these with a single user interface via in-wall and portable touch screens or mobile Apple and Android devices.

Voice activation has become a key element to setting scenes within a home thanks to the advancements in technology, utilising the likes of the Amazon Echo. A simple voice command can turn on the lights as you walk in the front door with your hands full, or turn on your favourite playlist as you start to cook dinner in the kitchen.

HVAC Systems

HVAC systems play a major role in automation and that connection is becoming much more important as energy conservation takes centre stage. Not only does the HVAC equipment comprise one of the largest systems in a house, it is also the single biggest user of energy.  Because of this, it is only natural that it be integrated and controlled with the rest of the home’s systems.