Modus Vivendi specialise in the design, delivery and maintenance of smart home automation systems through our home automation installation services, appreciating that you want to listen to music, watch television or create a lighting mood with the minimum amount of effort. We are able to bring together audio and video, security, heating and cooling, lighting systems and shade control into one smart home system, removing the need for multiple individual remote controls, replacing these with a single user interface via in-wall and portable touch screens or mobile Apple and Android devices.


With Control4, we are able to customise the interface and provide you with shortcuts to allow even quicker and easier access to functions that are more commonly used. We also educate you on how to do this for yourself, so you can be in complete control of making the system work for you, when and how you need it to.

Home Automation Design

A thorough system design is critical to the success of a smart home system and its future expansion. We always encourage clients to look at the overall scope from a ‘money no object’ perspective to afford the property a comprehensive cabling infra-structure that allows the system to grow over time, when the requirements change, or additional funds become available to expand the system to additional areas of the property. Modus Vivendi are committed to practising industry standards and recommended practices that ensure the highest levels are met. We are also a longstanding CEDIA member that supports the growth of the home technology industry.


Voice control and activation has become a key element to setting scenes or instigating activities within a home thanks to the advancements in technology, utilising the likes of the Amazon Echo and Google Home. A simple voice command can turn on the lights as you walk in the front door with your hands full, or turn on your favourite playlist as you start to cook dinner in the kitchen.


One of the major advantages of our smart home installation services is the Mockupancy feature available with Control4 systems, or the Vacation mode available with Crestron Home. The system learns about you, your habits and rituals, and creates a Mocukupancy as a deterrent to unwanted visitors. This allows your home to appear occupied even when you aren’t there and provides you with additional peace of mind when you are away on holiday or enjoying late nights out.


All you have to do is push a button to activate the function, and let the system do the rest. The lighting systems will recall how you have used the smart lighting and replay these activities so to anyone outside the house, it looks like someone is still at home, as opposed to lights turning on and off at specific times every day… A great way to add another layer of security to your property.

Home automation Convenience

Due to the intelligence in smart home technology, our smart home automation installations know when the sun rises and sets in your specific location throughout the course of the year, allowing schedules to be automatically adjusted for various activities. For example, the external lights turning on at dusk, along with the blinds and curtains closing, and the internal lighting scene adjusting to a lower setting. These can all be tailored and adjusted to your specific requirements creating a truly automated smart home.

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Through remote access via a portable device such as your mobile phone, you are able to connect to your home and control it anywhere in the world over Wi-Fi and 3g/4g. This is another great feature that gives you peace of mind when you are away from home. With our home automation installation services, you can enjoy the ability to check the status of your integrated intruder alarm, or view the CCTV cameras, or maybe even to adjust the heating if you are going to be returning earlier than expected.

In addition to you being able to control your system remotely, we are also able to support you and your system remotely. Unfortunately technology can can occasionally falter, but this facility allows us to identify issues and potentially rectify them for you without having to send an engineer to the property. A great time saving feature for you and us, and sometimes a far quicker fix to resolve an issue.


HVAC systems providing the heating and cooling in a property play a major role in automation and the integration is becoming much more important as energy conservation takes centre stage. Not only does the HVAC equipment comprise one of the largest systems in a house, it is also the single biggest user of energy. Because of this, it is only natural that it be integrated and controlled with the rest of the home’s systems, allowing you to be in complete control via simple user interfaces.


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