Lighting & Shade Control

Controllable and intelligent lighting can be the key to creating the right atmosphere throughout your property for all occasions, whilst making your home welcoming, energy efficient and secure. This gives the ability to easily control motorised blinds and curtains, adapting to levels of natural light automatically or giving the impression you are home for security purposes.


Working with a number of premier house builders we are able to pre-fit lighting and shade systems for new build properties. Installation of remote control lighting, allows for the fully centralised use of all lights and other devices, as well as mood lighting. In modern architectural designs, new properties incorporate vast glass surfaces, which allow natural light to flow, but also therefore requires regulation. This can be achieved through the use of intelligent motorised shades, blinds and curtains which are fully integrated within a lighting control or home automation installation.


Alternatively, systems can be retrofitted where a property hasn’t originally been built with integral lighting and shade control. A retrofit lighting control system not only offers greater control and enhances your lifestyle, but also can reduce your electricity costs and extend the life of lighting fixtures and bulbs.


Further to controlling artificial lighting, the control of ambient natural light through automatic shades can be crucial, working in harmony in order to achieve the desired lighting levels, depending on the client’s specific needs, times of the day, seasons and rooms within the property.


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