Security Systems


Modus Vivendi provides cutting-edge smart home security systems to protect homes, offices, factories, hospitals, public buildings, the retail sector, schools and colleges. We install the latest technology in CCTV security, vehicle and facial recognition software, access control and door entry systems, working with you to develop a home security profile bespoke to your needs. Get in touch with our expert team for smart home security system installation.

Our smart security installation services are ideal both for private homes and commercial properties. Our smart security engineers can provide peace of mind through our end-to-end design and installation services, which include consultative advice and ongoing maintenance.

Access Control

With the increasing way in which purchases are made through the use of internet-based companies, Access Control is even more popular so you can ensure you don’t miss deliveries, wherever you are. Our systems are able to call through to mobile devices, enabling you to receive calls from your gate or door entry panel.  You can see, and even speak to whoever is there, to provide the impression you are still in the house.

We also design home access control systems incorporating features such as biometric readers which use a unique retina or fingerprint scan to control entry through gates or doors.  Some of the higher tier models we install even allow the ability to trigger scenes specific to the user, which can also be timed to enable events such as an evening lighting scene being activated during certain hours.


Due to the size and scale of some of the projects we carry out, CCTV is often utilised even when our clients are in the home, to view different areas of the property.  For example, you are getting ready to go out for dinner and the children are playing outside at the front of the house, you can quickly and easily check the cameras to ensure they aren’t getting up to too much mischief! Our professionally installed networked home CCTV security cameras also allow you to view your home, even when you are away from the property to provide that extra peace of mind.

Intruder Alarm

We are able to integrate intruder alarm systems in to your Crestron or Control4 control system, providing more detailed information on the status of the house, and also allowing you to use a single user interface / app, as opposed to various remote fobs or keypads. Providing you with the ideal smart home security system. Through the use of PIR’s and contacts, we are also able to trigger events, such as the landing PIR being activated between certain hours of night to provide a low level of lighting down the stairs and across the entrance hall.