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Whether you want a personal golf simulator room in the comfort of your own home or wish to enhance a commercial outlet with virtual golf facilities, Modus Vivendi’s expert engineers can design, supply and install the perfect solution. 

Unleash your potential

Take Control of Your Future… Whatever your role in the sport of golf, whether you are a player or involved in a business, the success you have achieved so far has cost you countless hours of refining your skills and building your knowledge. Your determined, relentless pursuit of excellence reflects the passion all dedicated golfers feel for the game… and you are still always striving to improve your performance. You’re still working towards achieving your goals, to carve out an edge, to tap into a new source of inspiration.

TrackMan is the tool that can take you there, and also be your constant companion on your future journey. TrackMan’s revolutionary technology and golf simulator software gives you accurate, reliable data that helps you identify exactly where you need to take action. It supplies you with insights that are uniquely yours, takes you ever closer to achieving your ambitions and helps you chase your dreams. TrackMan lets you take control of your future – and unleash your potential!

Trusted by the best players in the world

When it comes to accuracy, there is one company the world’s tour pros turn to – TrackMan dominates the world of pro golf… and with good reason. Players recognise the results of the constant innovation and have made TrackMan the undisputed leader in club and ball tracking. They trust the unit’s reliability because they know it is specifically designed to withstand the rigors of the pro circuit, and above all, they trust the data it gives them

More than 1,000 tour players , the vast majority of all majors winners, all large equipment manufacturers, the R&A, and thousands of club fitters and coaches rely on TrackMan technology.

Welcome to the great indoors

Virtual Golf 2 is the latest software update to TrackMan’s simulator golf solutions, It delivers an experience that redefines what is possible to achieve in a golf simulator room. Every training session, every hole you play, every fun tournament you have with your friends… it’s all faithful to the true feeling of the game. World famous courses appear in simply stunning detail. The gameplay is unbelievably smooth, all your club and ball data is shown with unerring, pinpoint accuracy. So if you think you know what simulator golf can do, think again. TrackMan indoor golf software is the apex of simulator golf.

Pinpoint Accuracy - Inside and out

The TrackMan 4 applies its power to simulator golf with devastating effect. By combining the advantages of radar and camera tracking, the TrackMan 4 performs with jaw-dropping precision indoors as well as outdoors. The unit measures club, launch and ball flight data before drawing on a database of over 500,000 million shots – and counting – to render the ball flight with the same accuracy as if it was in an outdoor environment. It’s an astonishing achievement that convincingly busts the industry myths surrounding what is possible with indoor golf technology. 

GOLF SIMULATOR FOR HOME: Your game, your way

From hardcore number crunching to fun tournaments with friends, TrackMan indoor golf lets you practice or compete any way you want… 

TrackMan indoor golf simulator software gives you rewarding, enjoyable training opportunities – regardless of weather conditions or the time of day. You can use all the fantastic features in the TrackMan Performance Studio software together On-Course Practice and Target Practice Range. These two additional features have been specifically developed for an indoor golf simulator and perfectly complement the Shot Analysis feature, which analyses your swing with a wide variety of essential data metrics. Once you have finished your Shot Analysis session, you can then move to the fabulous Target Practice Range feature to practice what you have been working on. Our home golf simulators allow you to perfect your golf swing using specialist impact screens to absorb the energy of the ball which drops to the floor, ready for your next shot.

Target Practice Range has been designed to let you reproduce practically any shot situation on a stunning simulator golf range. You can also take your swing to the course for a more game-like experience with On-Course Practice. This feature lets you drop the ball anywhere you want on any hole and practice from there.

You received essential information together with actionable data in real-time after each shot. Practicing like this is simply impossible on a real course, so perhaps you could say it’s even better than the real thing!

A global golf experience

Virtual Golf 2 redefines what it feels like to play golf in a simulator environment. It lets you play some of the world’s most famous courses, including Royal Portrush, Innisbrook, Muirfield Village, PGA National and the four legendary St. Andrews Links courses. TrackMan maps courses with LiDAR drone technology rather than with the much less precise standard industry satellite method. Every bunker edge, every green slope, every mow line, is all captured and reproduced with stunning – and unique – accuracy. You also get the real tee names and distances, hcp indexes, slope ratings – and much more. New courses are constantly being added to the library.

Simulator Solutions for every need

Whether you require a simulator for your teaching bay, commercial facility, private dwelling or another kind of personal project, we are able to design a solution to meet your requirements. We are also able to provide upgrade options for enhancing the audio system, incorporating lighting & shade control, additional display screens, a recording package and an overall control system by Control4 or Crestron to make using the systems easier.

Modus Vivendi install virtual golf and golf simulators across London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Essex. Are you interested in talking to us about the installation of a virtual golf simulator for your home or commercial premises? Contact us below. 

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