Who we work with

From Architects and Interior Designers to M&E Contractors and Property Developers, our friendly and proactive approach to working with other professionals has proved to be extremely beneficial to all, including a great many mutual clients.
Working closely ensures we form valuable relationships, frequently leading to commercial partnerships in the long-term. With a collective effort between ourselves and our partners the results can be hugely rewarding.
For clients looking to build any form of Smart Home (or Cinema Room), a collaboration often leads to a much higher standard of installation, sometimes inviting radical solutions which an individual party alone may not have the foresight or abilities achieve, and therefore is unlikely to propose as a concept. 
Offering free consultations and a comprehensive design service we aim to provide our partners with all the valuable information they may need, at the outset. This guarantees that the system design is not only well planned, but that its implementation is coordinated effectively, with systems seamlessly integrated into the fabric of a property, sympathetically blending with the interior designer’s vision for each space.

Property Developers

Having formed close relationships with a plethora of influential property developers, Modus Vivendi have successfully assisted in completing the design and build of numerous new-build schemes in recent years. Requests to replicate these schemes on multiple developments, as well as client feedback received has given us the insight to understand clearly what has created the most interest for buyers, as well as what aspects have (and haven’t) proved to show a worthwhile return on investment for the developer.
Whether an experienced developer with requirements for a larger MDU scheme, or a first-time buyer and self-builder looking to understand how best to incorporate a wiring infrastructure to provide future readiness within their property, we are able to prepare a design model for a vast array of project sizes.

M&E Consultants & Contractors

Making allowances for infrastructure cabling and integration early in the design process is critical, although increasingly this is left solely to the M&E consultant or contractor to design a scheme. However, any oversight at this early stage can have huge repercussions further down the line. There are also strict guidelines which should be adhered to in order to ensure reliability, most of which are simple to put into practice, but can be astronomically costly if overlooked or misunderstood!
Knowledge and planning at this stage is crucial, which is why we will work with you every step of the way. Providing planning, on-site guidance and coordination of the works will ensure clients receive the professionally integrated, highly sophisticated, energy efficient systems they expect. As part of our services we also consider power consumption, distribution of resources and any thermo-regulation that may be required.


Whilst there has been a growing demand for Smart Home technology from both developers and home owners alike, as the world advances and technology become more prevalent in our daily lives than ever before, we simply can’t enforce the necessity to consider this when planning the design and build of any new home. We appreciate that it may not be financially viable to make every new home ‘Smart’, but it would be unwise to build a property without first considering where technology may be heading, for example; ensuring the latest resolution of video broadcast can be distributed around the home, and the fastest speeds of broadband are available via a wired and wireless infrastructure.
By working closely with you we can provide guidance and valuable information required, so allowances are made as standard practice within your future designs.  

Interior Designers

Multi-room audio, lighting control, CCTV and even voice activated systems were luxuries once found only in super prime residences. In recent years however, trends have changed, prices have fallen and Smart Home technology has filtered down into small family homes, often with owners installing simple systems themselves. These facilities are of course desirable, which is why this technology is now far more mainstream due to a growing demand and falling costs.
As a highly brand agnostic company we provide an extensive range of products and services, creating a greater degree of functionality, higher performance and a seamless integration. Working closely with interior designers, we do our utmost on every project to gain an understanding of their vision, ensuring the components we specify are aesthetically suitable and will blend sympathetically into the proposed scheme.