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At the CAVD showroom, there are three main areas where visitors can experience immersive surround sound, stereo multi-room sound, video projection and mirror TV’s.

Lounge Zone

Surrounded by a luxurious interior featuring traditional oak beams, cosy seating and smart lighting, the Lounge Zone has been set up to demonstrate the immersive Dynaudio ‘Studio’ series speaker system.

Home Cinema Zone

With a combination of high-performance products, this zone hits a price point that is in-line with typical private theatre installations. Visitors will be treated to a demonstration of 4K, and HDR projection onto one of the best acoustically transparent screens on the market.

Surround sound has been configured as a 7.2.4 speaker layout optimised for Dolby Atmos playback whilst also supporting DTS:X. Bass and dynamics are rarely represented so well at this price point and this authentic sound system is the way to deliver great audio to a movie loving family.

Dining Room Zone

Representing a totally hidden AV solution, the Dining Room Zone has been created to deliver the true ‘wow’ factor that so many clients seek. The hidden 49” TV is positioned behind a beautiful super clean mirror finish and comes to life with a vibrant image when recalled by the control system. Popular for residential bathrooms, dining rooms and commercial spaces such as hotel lobbies and bathrooms.

Clear and precise audio is provided by two completely invisible loudspeakers either side of the mirror. Plastered and then painted over, the ECHT Nakymatone speakers transform the wall into your source for music.


  • JVC Projection
  • Screen Excellence Projector Screens
  • Datasat Processing
  • ADA Amplification
  • Audio Excellence Speakers
  • Dynaudio Speakers
  • Nakymatone Speakers
  • Ineva Design Cinema Seating

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Unit G Rose Business Estate
Marlow Bottom

By appointment only

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