One of the most common enquiries we receive is from homeowners with Smart Technology already installed. Clients who have often invested tens of thousands of pounds with other companies, only to have been let down by them following disastrous system installations. This has led to endless phone calls, callouts, and inevitably disappointment and frustration for the homeowners and their families!
Whilst it is sometimes difficult meeting new clients under such circumstances, these customers have become some of our most loyal and devoted. With an honest and open approach to the situation, relationships develop between our clients and our home automation engineers and trust is earned, especially after seeing the lengths we go to alleviate their technical issues and complete full smart home repair. 

Correcting systems which others have incorrectly installed or often mis-sold is rarely without its initial challenges. However, the appreciation we are shown and satisfaction that comes across is greatly rewarding for our team, which is why this is such an important part of our services. 


Whilst many smaller, less experienced and less accredited providers will do their utmost to promote themselves well online, advertising themselves as ‘specialists’, the truth of the matter is that not all technology specialists are equal, and nor is their experience, education, training or passion for success! 
Many of the systems we design are of course complex, so understanding their specifications fully (and idiosyncrasies especially) when integrating them in different environments is vitally important, and must be considered long before we even contemplate recommending them to our clients. It is this which makes all the difference between one company and the next, and eventually where pitfalls occur in the design for those that do not have this level of insight.


So, what should you do if you find yourself in this position? Firstly, no matter how frustrated you feel, rest assured that you are not alone. Professional companies like Modus Vivendi are both willing, and highly capable in assisting you from start to finish, giving you the reassurance and peace of mind that everything can be resolved, often without any noticeable disruption to your lives.

It is however uncommon to find such systems installed where corners haven’t been cut to save the installer money, even the largest and most expensive systems can sometimes have vital components missing through previous oversights in the design process. If, however you understand this may be the case and that it may take more than a few hours to reconnect your cables correctly, then our smart home engineers can take a proactive approach to help you, being open and transparent from the outset about the time and costs involved.
The rectification process will be undertaken in the following steps:
1. A design consultation will be held with you to fully ascertain and understand your original requirements to ensure these can be addressed when redesigning the system topology, using the components already in situ.
2. A smart home engineering visit will be arranged to inspect and test all aspects of the system and cabling already installed.
3. The findings of this visit will be well documented to highlight all apparent issues, either with the system components or simply by the connection or setup method used.
4. A new system design for smart home repair will be presented and explained in detail to the client, outlining the primary issues found, with a transparent proposal put forward to explain what labour and components will be required to put things right, possibly with options included if we feel there were obvious flaws in the original design. 
5. Our home automation engineers will return to the property, rebuilding system racking where necessary, and dressing cabling correctly for improved serviceability and durability. We may also install options such as; back-up power supplies, thermostatic ventilation, and remote diagnostic equipment for customers looking to not only get the most from their systems, but also for those who wish to join and sign up to our service maintenance and support package.   
6. Upon completion, our design consultants will meet with you at the property to provide a face-to-face system handover, highlighting all of the key features of the system and showing yourself and others in the household how best to use them.