Smart Home WIFI & Networking

Reliable high-speed home wifi and hard-wired internet access has now become a necessity for all walks of life, and is the backbone of any Smart Home. We use it for simple communication, to catch up on TV, to work securely, to monitor our properties, and plan our lives.

We are able to provide indoor and outdoor seamless smart home wireless coverage for any requirement or deployment scenario. Whether in a high-density area, or a building with unfriendly wi-fi construction materials, we are able to design wifi & networking systems that provide a unified approach so that the entire wireless system, although utilising various components and access points, acts as a single solution.

 This provides benefits such as being able to roam around the property on a video call without dropping a connection, or being able to utilise the maximum available speeds at any location, without the signal deteriorating. This smart home network design is key to successful home automation. 

Additional control of the wi-fi can also be introduced, providing a ‘guest network’ to non-household members so they are unable to access family media or devices. We are also able to lock down specific networks for control of content by younger family members, and even set their connection to go to sleep at the same time as they do.

Smart Home: Data & Telephony

Our solutions will provide you with a hard-wired data and telephone network to all necessary rooms using structured cabling, whether it be CAT6, CAT6a, or even fibre optic. This simple, yet effective, approach allows a variety of services to be sent around your home and shared between different rooms and members of the family. Our engineers can also service your system securely and remotely from our offices with the minimum of fuss and to you.


Due to the deregulation of the telecoms market, Modus Vivendi are now able to compete with BT and offer customers cheaper calls, by routing them via other carriers’ networks. We can keep our costs down as we do not have massive infrastructures or any networks to service. We pass these savings directly to our customers.

We are also able to advise and assist with the use of multiple internet connections for areas with poor speeds. For example, use a slow broadband connection for day-to-day browsing where there is less of a demand on bandwidth, then switching to a Satellite broadband connection for downloading content, even the ability to utilise 4G networks to supplement connections or act as a backup.

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