ER Productions

  • Lighting & Shade Control
  • AV Installation

Our client: Following the successful completion of a full Control4 smart home and integrated system at one of the directors’ homes in Surrey, we were invited to put forward a building wide control & lighting solution for the new ER Productions premises being built in Dartford.

The brief: ER Productions is an international laser show and special effects specialist for high profile events and worldwide concert tours, and their new premises was to act as their main hub, allowing for office space, break out areas, conference room, substantial storage and comprehensive testing suites. They were looking for lighting control across the building, integrated with an all-encompassing control system for security, HVAC, conferencing and entertainment.

Our solution: Due to the size of the building and the diverse way in which it was going to be used, incorporating reliable and flexible lighting control was crucial. The lighting design and DALI light fittings were specified by a third party with whom we coordinated, to deliver exactly what the client was looking for using the Crestron Home platform.

Although the Crestron Home platform is predominantly used for residential properties, we were able to design the system in such a way that its simplicity worked for the client and the building.

Due to a mixture of cars and lager lorries entering the site, there was a requirement for a dual height gate entry and intercom solution. We utilised panels from 2N that integrated in to the Crestron control system, allowing people in whatever size vehicle they are travelling in to easily call the main building, and the ability for staff in multiple areas to receive and answer the calls, as well as provide access. In addition, anyone on or off site with the mobile app is also able to receive calls from the gate on their mobile phone.

We were also able to positively impact the energy saving within this property by incorporating occupancy sensors across all main areas. This meant that when spaces are not being occupied, the DALI lighting would turn the area off.

Due to ER working on events and shows across the globe, with offices in America, Spain, Australia and Saudi Arabia as well as the UK, we provided audio conferencing via the Crestron system to complement their video conferencing system, allowing multiple staff members to host and attend remote international meetings. The DALI light fittings within the room include a tuneable white feature, allowing the user to select between cool and warm white for the meeting, dependant on the desired atmosphere.

One of the unique integration features is the control of the extract fans within the dock area, so that smoke can safely be extracted from the building when the staff are testing displays ready for their shows. 

Technical specification:

Control system: Crestron Home

Room control: Crestron 7” & 10” in-wall and table top touchscreens, Crestron mobile app and Crestron lighting keypads

Lighting control: Crestron DALI lighting control

HVAC: Daikin air conditioning integration

Security: Integrated Hikvision CCTV cameras

Access control and gate entry: Integrated Paxton access control and 2N audio video entry panels

Audio system: Crestron in-ceiling and on-wall speakers