Modus Vivendi were recommended to design, supply and install a Home Cinema in the Basement of a newly purchased property. A brief and budget were set by the client, and 3 different levels of systems were presented off the back of the information provided. Due to the look and feel of the room being so important to the client, renders of the room were produced so the client could feedback exactly what they did, or didn’t like, to ensure we completely managed their expectations. The client liked the design put together so much they asked us to replicate it.

Part of the design process included the orientation of the room, as the client wanted to incorporate a bar and pool table in one half. They initially expected the Cinema section to be in the first half as you walk in to the room, with the bar and pool table at the rear. After exploring the different options, we felt it best to have the bar and pool table in the first half, with the Cinema at the rear.

The specification includes a 5.2.4 Dolby Atmos surround sound system, with a Screen Research 120” acoustically transparent projector screen and JVC projector. In addition to the electronics, Cineca seating was specified, along with S-Panels and Control4 to make using the system easier for the whole family, as well as integration with the Rako lighting system.

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A real life look at the completed cinema room at this Goudhurst property

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